Showbox is one of the best applications used to watch movies, TV shows online. The use of Showbox app has increased as most of us are addicted to that kind of applications for watching movies and other media on mobile phones so this app gets us that content from various sources and makes it available at one place. Showbox app is such an entertainment app which no one would hesitate to use it as this is the app most of us would like to use, it keeps us away from the traditional way of watching movies and TV shows on Televisions. It is one of the most used applications to watch movies, TV shows online. Download Showbox has all the features what an application needs to have to watch streaming videos, the User interface (UI) helps the user to navigate to the video he/she wants to watch so easily with the powerful search option, it categorizes the videos according to the Genre, Time, Length and many other attributes the app has all your favorite and lovable movies, TV Shows and will be updating regularly to reach everyone.


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Showbox “Not Working Properly” Problem solved!!

Showbox download is compatible with most of the devices, Showbox helps you watch videos online while you are traveling or when you are away from home. It allows us to watch all our favorite stuff on your mobile from anywhere with no charges. What we need is just a working internet connection. The app is available on various platforms and can be used in many ways like streaming the content from showbox to Chromecast and various other devices.

fix-showbox-app-not-workingIt comes under the category of third party applications, this kind of apps need special changes to be made in the settings to install like a regular android application. You just need to make few changes to allow the application to install. The application is safe to use and it won’t ask you for any kind of payment in future. Due to some reasons, Showbox apk is not available on Google Play Store. No problem we will provide you the link to download the application and install the app on your mobile. This works even on devices with slow internet connection.

Click here to download the Show Box apk file directly to your device

What If your Showbox application does not work or does not update or for any kind of problem you face with the usage of application it can be solved by following the instructions/steps we provide.

We have tried our best to find solutions to various problems faced while using Showbox Application


Here are few FAQ’s/Problems most of us face while using Showbox

What if Showbox does not work? (Showbox Not Working)

  • This problem is faced only when the device RAM is full (clear applications running background) or heavy usage of the device can also cause this problem (device overheat). To solve this kind of problem just restart you device if the background apps can’t be closed manually or shut down the device for some time to reduce the temperature of the device. Please make sure the application is updated to the latest version whenever it is available.

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If the application shows “Server Not Available”

  • Most of the Android devices face this problem it shows an error like Server Not Available. In such case, you have to clear your app data and cache from application settings. That’s it the app should work normally as it used to work before.



If the Subtitles Are Missing

  • If Subtitles are missing you can download the subtitle file online and open it from Subtitles from settings in the application.

If the app says “video is not available”

  • The problem is quite common for most of us, this can be solved by following few simple steps, first of all, update the application then in application settings clear the data.

What if your favorite show is missing?

  • The problem is unsolvable, as the video might not have been added to the database or the video might have been removed due to some reasons.

How to stream showbox?

  • The detailed procedure has been mentioned in the other article, Click here to visit that page.

If the application shows Captcha Problem or login issues

  • To solve these two problems, update the application to a new version. If there is no update clear the data in application settings.