Showbox for Laptop: Missed an episode of your favorite show on TV? Do not have the time to enjoy your cartons due to an upcoming exam? Your favorite movie is playing on TV but the timing does not match? Well, worry no more! With ShowBox app at your side, you can now watch all your favorite serials, cartoons and movies whenever you want to according to your convenience.


ShowBox Download is an Android app which is a hot favorite when it comes to the various TV apps available on the  internet. This feature packed app doesn’t only allow you to customize the setting according to your preferences but also comes free of cost. ShowBox APK is now available for all probable devices like smart phones, pads, tablets and even your PC irrespective of the operating system they run on. All you need to do is check for the correct version of the app which will be best compatible with your device.

Features of Showbox App:

ShowBox App comes with some pretty cool features which allow the users to navigate through the app in a pretty easy and convenient manner. The developers of ShowBox for Android strive to make the app as easy as it can get for you to enjoy!


  1. ShowBox comes with a super awesome design that allows you to navigate the app and explore all its contents pretty easy and less time consuming.
  2. The super awesome graphical design of ShowBox is bound to leave you awestruck and enhance your user experience.
  3. Most apps come with an annoying part where you have to log in or sign up or provide it with your e-mail in order to use it. ShowBox doesn’t require any of these actions in order to operate smoothly.
  4. Tired of searching your favorite show or movie again and again? Make a list of all your favorite movies and proffered shows on ShowBox so that you can find them easily.
  5. ShowBox provides you with all the latest updates on your favorite shows and movies and series so that you no longer have to worry about them.
  6. ShowBox categorizes all your favorite shows according to the genre to further ease the process of searching all the contents and your favorites.
  7. ShowBox also offers you with the freedom of selecting the preferred quality of the video which you want to enjoy your shows in.
  8. ShowBox also allows you to download the various movies or shows so that you can watch them later according to your convenience.
  9. Want to share your favorite show or movie with your friends or family? With ShowBox you can now share all your favorite entertainments with your near and dear ones so that they can enjoy them too.

Steps to Download Showbox for PC

ShowBox is an Android app which means that in order to enjoy the app on your PC you need to download some kind of android emulators like Droid4X, GenyMotion, Blue Stacks, Andyroid, Xamarin etc. But why would you want to download ShowBox on your PC? Well! Let’s just give it a thought. The large screen, booming music system, or an awesome set of headphones along with HD quality image, won’t you love to watch your favorite show or cartoon or movie in such an ambience? This is why you need to Download Showbox App on your PC. We’ll help you to do so. With a few simple steps you can now enjoy ShowBox on your PC.


  1. Download any Android emulator which seems fit for your use from the numerous sites available on the internet.
  2. Install the Android stimulator on your PC and launch the app.
  3. Once installed and launched, you will now get to observe a search button on the screen or window of the android emulator. Type “ShowBox” in the box provide and hit “enter” or click the “Search” button provided.
  4. You will now be provided with a list of various similar apps, find the ShowBox apps and hit “Download”.
  5. Once the download process has been completed, you will be provided with a notification when you will be allowed to install the ShowBox app.
  6. Once installed on the Android emulator, the ShowBox app icon will appear on the screen or window of the emulator itself from where you can launch and use it.
  7. Now every time you want to watch your favorite shows on your PC, launch your Android emulator, hit the ShowBox app icon on the emulator window, search for your show and enjoy! As simple as that.

We hope to have been able to answer all your queries regarding the use of ShowBox on your PC. You now enjoy unlimited shows, movies and cartoon on your PC whenever you want to with the help of ShowBox and that too absolutely free of cost.